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Suver Haze – CBD Smokable Hemp Flower 7g

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Rogue Bear Farms is innovating the definition of farm-direct, mapping the straightest line possible from our farm to our customers, and our smokable Hemp Flower follows perhaps the straightest line around. Grown from genetics sourced from strains of hemp that come from the world’s leading cannabis breeding company, Oregon CBD Seeds, this award winning Suver Haze strain is super high in CBD and flavorful terpenes.

This pouch contains 7 grams of Suver Haze Hemp Flower, and the strain takes the prestigious title of Rogue Bear’s highest ever CBD producer at 22% CBD and 24% total Cannabinoids. Named for the Oregonian road along which it was first produced, Suver Haze has a pungently tangy odor and a sharp, sour apple flavor and contains a high content of farnsene, betacaryophyllene, and myrcene terpenes.


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The world has taken note of this incredible strain – it won 1st Place in both the 2019 Cultivation Classic and 2019 WeedCon Buyers Cup! We have taken this eye catching strain and developed it into our impeccable air-dried, perfectly cured hemp flower. Perfect for any dry herb vape, joint, or bong, Suver Haze will deliver a powerful CBD kick almost instantly.

Rogue Bear Farms use organic biomass composting, grow our hemp plants in untreated, virgin soil and water them with clean, pesticide free H2O. These innovations are coupled with the Oregon Region’s world-renowned cannabis growing conditions, allowing Rogue Bear Farms to obtain the absolute highest quality hemp available for all of our hemp based products.

Here’s what their 7g Suver Haze (CBD) Hemp Flower has to offer:

  • Hand Trimmed
  • 22% CBD (cannabidiol)
  • 100% Organically Sun Grown
  • Farmer Owned
  • All Natural

Fully involved in cultivation and production, Rogue Bear Farms grows the hemp plants, processes the hemp oil, air dries the hemp flower, formulates the blends and brings our true craft cannabis products straight to you.

1 review for Suver Haze – CBD Smokable Hemp Flower 7g

  1. rupert

    This strain is absolutely phenomenal, you can really tell that it’s packed with CBD! Rogue Bear Farms have done an excellent job of perfecting this bud!!

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