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Sour Lifter 1lb


With a CBD strain like ‘Lifter’ the name says it all – It’s renowned for its uplifting effects, waves of calm, and body relaxation. So what do you get when you mix this beautifully crafted strain with a world-renowned CBD strain like Sour Diesel. Well, if you add the robust quality of Oregon CBD Seeds and Rogue Bear’s dedication to utter perfection, you get a high CBD yielding cross strain packed with all the qualities you could ever want in a Dried CBD Hemp Flower. If you’re looking for a CBD experience that will keep you going, this 1lb pack of Sour Lifter will certainly deliver.

Lifter (which hovers around 18% CBD) is made to provide users with a sustained sense of peacefulness paired with clear focal energy. Combine this with the fast acting, potent Sour Diesel (which in itself produces about 20% CBD) and you get a multifaceted and powerful CBD experience. Sour Lifter is calming yet energizing, relaxing yet focussed. What more could you ask for in a top quality CBD strain?

Both Lifter and Sour Diesel are packed with sweet and sour aromas that whisper hints of piney fresh redwood, lemon zest, and the deep diesel we all crave.


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Rogue Bear Farms has taken this incredible cross strain and grown it into our impeccable air-dried, hand trimmed, perfectly cured hemp flower. Ideal for any dry herb vape, joint, or bong, Sour Lifter will deliver a peaceful rush of calm exactly when you need it most. The terpenes present in this cross include Humelene, Limonene, Pinene, and Myrcene that help bolster both this strain’s powerful sense of calm and the deliciously complex aromas present throughout.

We only use organic biomass composting, grow our hemp plants in untreated, virgin soil and water them with clean, pesticide free H2O. Adhering to a regime of strict sustainability can sometimes be challenging, but we firmly believe that our environmental consciousness is something that sets us apart. Check out what else sets our new Sour Lifter apart from the crowd:

  • Hand Trimmed
  • 20% CBD (cannabidiol)
  • 100% Organically Sun Grown
  • Farmer Owned
  • All Natural

Fully involved in cultivation and production, Rogue Bear Farms grows the hemp plants, processes the hemp oil, air dries the hemp flower, formulates the blends and brings our true craft cannabis products straight to you!


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