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Hawaiian Haze – CBD Smokable Hemp Flower 1oz


The first place winner of the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup, Rogue Bear’s heavenly 1oz of Hawaiian Haze CBD dried hemp flower is perfect for social situations (read: beach parties), and will leave users with a boost in sociability, confidence, and energy. So grab that beach towel and some sunscreen and get ready for the sunnier disposition Rogue Bear’s Hawaiian Haze has in store for you – wherever and whenever!

Hawaiian Haze has a unique terpene profile that oozes tropical funk – expect to be immediately wrapped in aromas of pungent tropical fruits like papaya, pineapple, and sweet mango. With a CBD percentage hovering around the 20% mark, Hawaiian Haze packs a fruity punch. The buds have thin, delicate light green leaves wrapped in wispy orange trichomes that immediately bring to mind a subtle summer breeze.


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If you’re looking for the most direct route between the farm that grows and hand-manufactures your dried CBD Hemp Flower and yourself, Rogue Bear Farms is your perfect match. Hawaiian Haze will become your summertime best friend, so get ready to be transported to a Polinesian paradise with this air-dried, hand trimmed, perfectly cured hemp flower.

Rogue Bear Farms use organic biomass composting, grow our hemp plants in untreated, virgin soil and water them with clean, pesticide free H2O. These innovations are coupled with the Oregon Region’s world-renowned cannabis growing conditions, allowing us to obtain the absolute highest quality hemp available for all of our hemp based products.

Here’s what our Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower has to offer:

  • Hand Trimmed
  • 20% CBD (cannabidiol)
  • 100% Organically Sun Grown
  • Farmer Owned
  • All Natural

Fully involved in cultivation and production, Rogue Bear Farms grows the hemp plants, processes the hemp oil, air dries the hemp flower, formulates the blends and brings our true craft cannabis products straight to you!


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