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CBG Full Spectrum Oil


Get creative with the newest cannabinoid to be rocking the hemp world – CBG – with Rogue Bear’s pure, undiluted CBG Full Spectrum Oil! Perfect for adding to your own CBG tinctures and recipes, we at Rogue Bear think our Full Spectrum Oils are the very best extracts out there. Full Spectrum Oil is the product of the first hemp extraction the plant goes through using our sound Ethanol Extraction process. It then must be winterized (a process to extract plant lipids) and decarboxylated (to activate the CBG and evaporate ethanol residuals).The end product is a CBG Extract that is, compared to other extracts, the richest in terpenes, minor cannabinoids, as well as plant materials such as chlorophyll – all of which have a wide array of benefits.

Through the process of extraction, the level of cannabinoids concentrates significantly. Rogue Bear’s CBG Full Spectrum Oil has between 60% and 79% CBG – indicative of both plant richness and extraction efficiency. Our Full Spectrum Oil is considered full spectrum because it is the richest cannabis derivative, and the closest to the hemp plant from which it came. If you’re looking for the most abundant Full Spectrum Extract that can deliver an Entourage Effect (cannabinoid synergy) in the purest way, this CBG Full Spectrum Oil is for you.


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The expertise of the extraction and extractor in the process of making our Full Spectrum Oils cannot be understated. The process is a slow, precise, and steady one so as to not burn the oil and to achieve the richest cannabinoid content. Each batch of Rogue Bear’s CBG Full Spectrum Oil has a pure cannabis taste thanks to a high concentration of unburned terpenes and a rich dark brown/green color – anything less than this level of perfection falls short of our rigorous standards and is discarded.


  • It has a CBG concentration between 60% and 79%
  • It’s Full Spectrum – meaning you can take advantage of all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes present in the actual plant, or the Entourage Effect
  • It has a rich, deep cannabis taste and smell for the ultimate cannabis experience

Note: The higher the cannabinoid content, the more of it will crystallize in the container where it is stored – this is normal.


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