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At first glance, Rogue Bear Farms’ hand trimmed, sun grown dried CBD/CBG Hemp Flower looks perfectly simple and absolutely pure. And although this is true, getting such a beautiful bud takes a lot of dedication, a lot of skill, and a lot of innovation. It’s a god thing Rogue Bear Farms has all of these qualities with some to spare!

It all starts with the farm. If you hadn’t guessed yet, Rogue Bear Farms is, well, a farm. And all of our products originate as Farm Grown industrial hemp plants. This means that our hemp plants are raised on our small-scale, sustainable farm rather than on an industrial, factory farm. This is important because it hints at Rogue Bear Farms’ dedication to safe and sustainable growing practices, and our dedication to ensuring that our premium dried hemp flower takes the shortest route between farm and customer.

The heart and soul of Rogue Bear Farms is the care that’s put into each and every plant and crop grown, the land on which the plants thrive, and the surrounding natural ecosystem and environment of which they are a part. Here are some of the ways Rogue Bear Farms is ensuring our practices have nothing but a positive impact on the land we use:

  • Organic practices
  • Regenerative Farming
  • No pesticides or plastic mulch
  • Sun Grown
  • Batch Grown

Rogue Bear uses organic biomass composting to increase VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds – fertility) and does not use animal manure of any kind. All our hemp plants are grown in clean, virgin soil. As a bioaccumulator, hemp is much more prone to absorb heavy metals from contaminated soils, so the purity of the soil is even more important in this case.

Our fields are irrigated from their own deeded irrigation wells, which tap an underwater river that runs beneath our fields. The water is clean and free of pesticides and contaminants, made possible by the fact that it started life as snow only three months prior to the growing season.

Once our hemp plants have reached maturity, the buds are lovingly trimmed by hand (rather than by machine) and naturally air dried for the optimal amount of time before being packaged, ready to offer you the most sustainable, regenerative CBD and CBG experience possible.

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