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Quality CBD Extracts begin as quality strains of hemp grown in excellent and innovative ways. Rogue Bear Farms knows all about this, and knows that all of their Extracts’ purity starts at the farm. Rogue Bear Farms uses organic biomass composting to increase VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds – fertility) and does not use animal manure of any kind. All our hemp plants are grown in clean, virgin soil. As a bioaccumulator, hemp is much more prone to absorb heavy metals from contaminated soils, so the purity of the soil is even more important in this case.

I’m sure that if you’ve used Hemp-based products in the past you probably already have an excellent idea of what hemp extracts are generally. But there’s a world of subtlety when it comes to the extract, and Rogue Bear Farms has a few different varieties to offer…

First, we have Full Spectrum CBD and CBG Oils which are the product of the first hemp extraction the plant goes through using our sound Ethanol Extraction process. This then must be winterized (a process to extract plant lipids) and decarboxylated (to activate the major cannabinoid and evaporate ethanol residuals).The end product is a CBD or CBG Extract that is, compared to other extracts, the richest in terpenes, minor cannabinoids, as well as plant materials such as chlorophyll – all of which have a wide array of benefits!

Then there are our CBD and CBG Distillates. Whether it be for topicals, edibles, or even tinctures, Rogue Bear’s Distillate’s comparatively mild taste and neutral characteristics are an ideal choice for endless possibilities! Rogue Bear’s CBD and CBG Distillates are the result of processing our full spectrum CBD or CBG Oil through a ‘short path distillation system’ that removes a portion of the plant matter still present in normal full spectrum oils. The result? A gorgeous, golden distillate that is perfect for creating bespoke hemp infusions!

Rogue Bear Farms’ CBD Isolate, on the other hand, undergoes sophisticated refining and processing after the initial extraction until all that’s left is a pure white, crystalline powder that contains nothing but 99.9% CBD. This purification process includes filtration where all plant material is filtered out of the extract, and in the end, all other compounds and cannabinoids will have been removed – including all the plant matter contained in the hemp plant, the oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more.

Here’s what Rogue Bear Farms’ Extracts have going for them:

  • 100% USA Made!
  • Farmer Owned
  • All Natural

As with all Rogue Bear Farms’ hemp-based products, our extracts are fully lab tested by a third party independent lab to verify the purity and potency of every extract we provide.

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