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Become part of the Rogue Bear Revolution with our range of super sleek, perfectly functionable accessories. Whatever you may be using them for, each of our accessories stands for something bigger than ourselves – it stands for what we believe in. Our message is a simple one: nurture, grow, cultivate and produce the best quality industrial hemp products using leading organic and sustainable methods.

Sun-grown and harvested with love and expertise in Southern Oregon, Rogue Bear Farms leverages the perfect weather conditions and climate for cannabis cultivation. Our cannabis plants are showered by the best growing and breeding conditions, allowing us to produce the absolute highest quality hemp available. We source all of our market leading genetics from a globally dominating cannabis breeding company, right here in the heart of the Willamette Valley: oregoncbdseeds.com.

But more than this, we are continually striving to use the most sustainable and organic practices. We use only organic biomass composting to increase VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) for fertility. Our soil is fertilised without the use of animal manure of any kind, and we aim to grow our hemp plants in clean, virgil soil. We have our own deeded irrigation wells, which tap an underwater river (fueled by melting snow high in the mountains) that runs beneath our field. The cleanliness of the water ensures that no pesticides or contaminants come in contact with our crops.

And all of this dedication translates into our accessories. Each is emblazoned with our logo, made from top quality materials, designed for function and not for vanity, and represents every bit of the hard work and love we put into producing the best hemp while leaving the land in a better state than the way we found it. Take our humble trucker hat that’s so much more than that – it combines a classic style and casual feel with functional materials and a belief in the potential for hemp to improve our lives as well as the planet. Not bad, right?

Take a look at some of the features our accessories have to offer:

  • Made using ethical working conditions
  • Stamped with our signature Rogue Bear logo
  • Made using sophisticated materials for perfect functionality

At Rogue Bear Farms, we aim to bring the end users of our products as close to the farm as possible, so why not take a little piece of the farm with you wherever you go – and spread the Rogue Bear Message!

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